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This section of the user manual is intended for end users. For setup and configuration please see Administrator's Guide.

You should have by now a login information sent to you automatically as an e-mail message from epesi when your system administrator created you as a user in the application. This e-mail should include:

  • login name (for example: jdoe)
  • password (for eample: X6yRG65)
  • link to the application (for example:

The password is randomly generated unless the administrator specified it manually. In any case you should login to epesi and change your password as soon as possible.


Please enter your login info (username), and password. If you are using a computer that is your personal work or home workstation you can click on Remember me box. This box allows you to login to epesi automatically. Don't select this box if you are using a public computer or a computer that you share with someone.

Logging screen.png

Changing password

After a successful login go to Menu -> My Settings -> Control Panel

Menu control panel.png

This will open Control Panel where you can adjust various settings in the application. Those settings apply to the way the application behaves for you only. Global changes have to be made by administrator.

Control panel account.png

Click on Account button. You need to specify new password (twice), an e-mail address will default to what is stored in the application already, but you can change it here as well, and the old password is required.

Password change.png

Finally click on Save button.

Recovering password

In case you forgot your password click on Recover password link right on the main login page. You will need to specify a username and e-mail address associated with your account. Click on OK and the password will be e-mailed to you.

Password recovery.png

If you don't remember your username and/or e-mail account please contact your administrator.