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Epesi popularity

In the end of March 2007 after several months of hard work Epesi was released on Source Forge as Epesi framework. In July 2009 the first version of Epesi Business Information Manager (EpesiBIM) was released and by the end of the year was downloaded from SF over 10,000 times. In April 2012 it changed name to just EPESI and by the end of the year over 37,000 downloads were made. By now its more then 65,000. Thank you!

Sf overview 2.png

The spike on this graph in November of 2012 was due to EPESI project being featured by Sourceforge:

Moreover Epesi is on the 2nd place on Source Forge while sorting CRM systems by rating (user satisfaction):


And on the 4th place most popular in category of Business Process Management:

Source forge.jpg

Epesi audience

Since the beginning of the project popularity of Epesi is constantly growing, having world wide users from over 190 countries:

EPESI users map.png

Audience all 2.png




Used languages.png


Audience.png Audience 2.png

Estimated cost

The cost to develop EPESI is estimated at around $8 mln USD <ref name="ohloh"/> {{#widget:Stats|id=mediawiki-widgets|type=cocomo}} {{#widget:Stats|id=mediawiki-widgets|type=cocomo}} Estimated cost.png

Programming languages

Language breakdown <ref name="ohloh"/>

Language breakdown.png



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