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File permissions are very HTTP server specific, but general guide is:

  1. EPESI directory tree (all files and dirs) has to be readable by HTTP server user.
  2. /data directory tree has to be writable by HTTP server user.
  3. Additionally /modules directory has to be writable by HTTP server user, when you're going to use EPESI Store.

But to simplify maintenance it's recommended to set EPESI directory tree both - readable and writable by HTTP server user.

Linux example

Examples below are not universal solutions for every situation and server. You have to know limitations of your server and decide what permissions are acceptable when privacy matters.


  1. /var/www/epesi - EPESI installation directory
  2. apache-user - HTTP server user
  3. apache-group - HTTP server group
  4. johny - your user
  5. root - root user

HTTP server access only

Basic permissions - readable and writable by only HTTP server user or group. Johny will not be able to read files.

   johny@localhost:/> su
   root password: ***
   root@localhost:/> chown -R apache-user:apache-group /var/www/epesi
   root@localhost:/> chmod -R a=,ug+rwX /var/www/epesi

Note: Some apache extensions doesn't allow to run scripts that are writable by group. In such case set writable by user only

   root@localhost:/> chmod -R a=,ug+rX,u+w /var/www/epesi

Development permissions

Johny is a developer and wants to have access to files. Also we don't care about read permission and allow everyone to read files (Everyone can read your attachments!)

   johny@localhost:/> su
   root password: ***
   root@localhost:/> chown -R johny:apache-group /var/www/epesi
   root@localhost:/> chmod -R a=,a+rX,ug+w /var/www/epesi