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Business Information Manager

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EPESI - FREE open source CRM and PHP/Ajax framework - was developed by Telaxus LLC to provide a set of tools for rapid development of database driven web applications for managing business information. Its purpose is to store, organize, link and share easily data between people within a single company or organization. Using EPESI you can store, access and share information efficiently - a task not possible with the typical e-mail (example: MS Outlook) and spreadsheet (example: MS Excel) combination deployed in many businesses today.


EPESI CRM is a free and open source software that is useful in any business. It allows you to organize customer data and helps with managing tasks, meetings and other activities. It can be easily extended with multiple functionalities. To learn more about our CRM application, read about features, see screenshots and try an online demo please visit


  • Customizable dashboard with applets
  • Companies - addressbook of companies
  • Contacts - addressbook of individuals
  • Shared Calendar with alerts
  • Shared Task List - To Do
  • Phone Calls Log
  • Notes and Files (Document Management)
  • E-mail client - Roundcube IMAP
  • Exclusive Click2Fill form filling
  • Unique Watchdog module monitoring record changes
  • Advanced permission system
  • Shoutbox
  • And others...

Advantages & Solutions

  • Zero cost, zero client installation, no license or per user fee
  • Open source
  • MIT license
  • Runs on any server and client, truly cross-platform solution
  • Modular design, flexible and easy to adapt, small fraction of the cost to develop Apps
  • Plenty of support
  • Users: easy to use, intuitive interface
  • Administrators: full record, login history, lazy delete, fully customized access level, easy expendability via EPESI Store.
  • EPESI Store: single place where all additional modules can be obtained and installed with just a few mouse clicks. No more hunting and searching on various web sites and forums for additional features.

Quick Links

  • Free technical support is available on our Forum
  • EPESI can be downloaded from Sourceforge
  • To browse source code visit Github (switch to dev branch for current changes)
  • Please post all questions and comments on our Forum


EPESI development started in 2006. Nowadays it has worldwide end users and developers, was downloaded over 100,000 times in aprox. 190 countries. During the years it went through many changes, with various improvements added and many issues resolved. In this section you can find complete list of versions history as well as other news and updates.


EPESI is prepared for handling multiple languages. Every user can switch to the language of their choice. We have support for many different alphabets as well as right to left display. We base translations on voluntary contributions from our community. We are very thankful to all comunity members that contributed their time to make EPESI more available across the world. In this section you will find information about people who build this project.

User Manual

Our user manual explains all main areas of EPESI and helps with getting started, managing records, settings, etc. All manual is written in a way that is easy to follow for everyone, with lots of screenshots and comments.

Administrators Manual

This section is usefull especially for those users who have admin rights. You can find there information about admin tools, system management, installation process as well as Tip&Tricks section.

Developers Tutorial

This section is intended for developers and explains how to create custom modules and Apps to extend EPESI's functionality.