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Module name Frontend usage Developer usage Tutorial
Base/Acl-User privileges managementGeneral
Base/ActionBarAction buttons displayPlacing action buttons-
Base/AdminEpesi administration panelinterface Base_AdminModuleCommonInterface and abstract class Base_AdminModuleCommon (adds module to administration panel and menu)-
Base/Backupbackup administrationDefine method backup() in your module Initialization class-
Base/BoxContainer for all displayed modules--
Base/HomePagePer user epesi home page--
Base/LangOn-the-fly translationsMethods that enable translations of displayed phrasesGeneral
Base/Lang/AdministratorTranslations administration--
Base/MailMail server settings administrationSending mail-
Base/MainModuleIndicatorDisplays current module caption and changes page titleDefine method caption() in your module Main class-
Base/MaintenanceModeMaintaining module-defined global preferences (for example Base/Lang or Utils/GenericBrowser)Use Base_MaintenanceModeCommon::get_mode()-
Base/MaintenanceMode/AdministratorMaintenance mode administration--
Base/MenuDisplays epesi menuDefine method menu() or tool_menu() in your module Common classBasics, Advanced
Base/Menu/QuickAccessMenu quick access preferences--
Base/NavigationDisplays buttons next, refresh and back--
Base/SearchDisplays search forms and resultsDefine method search() in your module Common class
or method advanced_search() in your module Main class
Base/SetupModules administration--
Base/StatusBarFancy 'loading...' windowChange displayed message-
Base/ThemeSmarty epesi wrapperTemplate managingGeneral, smarty usage
Base/User-User-related methodsGeneral
Base/User/LoginLogin form, password recovery form--
Base/User/AdministratorManaging users--
Base/User/SettingsUser settings panelDefine method user_settings() in your module Common class-
Libs/FCKeditorUser-friendly document editorYou can use this editor by adding 'fckeditor' element to QuickForm-
Libs/FPDFPdf generatorGenerating pdf-
Libs/QuickFormHTML formsCreating and processing HTML formsGeneral
Libs/ScriptAculoUsFancy graphic effectsPlease refer to AculoUs documentation-
Utils/BookmarkBrowserBookmark browserCreating bookmark browsers-
Utils/Cache (out of date, don't use it)-Caching methods for various data-
Utils/CatFileDisplays PHP code with syntax highlightingSimple module to display PHP code from selected file-
Utils/CommentDisplays comments lists and allows comment postingPlacing comment space on any page-
Utils/CommonDataCommon Data administrationModule that allows accessing and modifying any data table for common use-
Utils/CustomMenuAdditional menu entriesAllows placing additinal menu entries to your module-
Utils/DirtyRead-Provides DirtyRead control-
Utils/FileUploadFile uploading formsCreate QuickForm object of special type with upload functionality-
Utils/FontSizeManaging font sizes--
Utils/GalleryDisplays images from a directoryThis module show all images from one specified directory. Also offers a preview and a fullscreen mode.-
Utils/GenericBrowserDisplays tablesPlacing HTML tables filled with data in easy wayGeneral
Utils/ImageCreates and displays image thumbnailsCreates properlny scaled thumbnails of most image formats and displays them with a preloader-
Utils/MenuMakes menusModule for easy creating multilevel popup menus-
Utils/PathDisplays paths to currently displayed dataAllows creating path easily. Effect is similar to what You know from GTK apps.-
Utils/SQLTableBrowserDisplays tablesModule that automate managing SQL tables-
Utils/TabbedBrowserDisplays tabsCreating multiple tabs for the page-
Utils/TooltipDisplays tooltipsCreating tooltips-
Utils/TreeDisplays expandable Tree elementsCreating expandable Tree elements-
Utils/WizardMultiple step wizard processSimple way to create wizard process-