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Right under the menu bar there is a section containing:

Top panel.png

This logo can be changed by the administrator. Because 'refresh' button in your's browser will refresh whole EPESI, this is button which refresh actual page inside EPESI.


Action Bar

Action Bar is an area where the module displays buttons to perform different operations, like editing, saving, deleting or creating new records, accessing different modules, etc. As in any database application a user can perform the following basic functions on records (called CRUD):

  • Create
  • Read
  • Update
  • Delete

We enhanced this functionality by adding ability to Clone the record and preserving entire editing history, plus as we noted earlier - no record is permanently deleted and can be restored at any time by administrator.

Action bar.png

The Action Bar changes depending on the module you are in. This action bar shown above is a default one for a Dashboard.


Launchpad button opens Launchpad which is a quick way to open a particular module. The Launchpad can be customized by the user. Menu shows always all modules accessible to the user. The Launchpad can show only frequently used modules.

Global Search and Filter box

Here are the following elements:

Global search box.png

Login indicator

Login indicator.pngThis indicator shows user logged on.

Logout button

Logout button.png Button to logout from the application. Normally you can just close the browser. If you click on Logout button the cookie stored by your browser will be deleted and opening the application next time will require the user to login again by providing username and password. It removes the cookie stored by "Remember me" option from the login screen. Logout button should be used when using a public computer to prevent someone else from accessing your data.

Global search

Global search.pngThis is a global search option. The search engine will try to find a word or a phrase in all records: Contacts, Companies, Notes, etc.


Perspective button.pngSome modules use this feature to filter records that belong to a particular user. When it is gray it means that it is inactive. Please see the section about CRM Filters for more details.