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EPESI versions 1.5.x

EPESI version 1.5.6 released - 2014-03-05


  • Crypted notes
  • New module to generate printouts
  • Change cron mechanism
  • Trigger error, when patch has failed during update
  • Fix HomePage template installation
  • Add mod_alias rules to show 404 on .svn and .git directories
  • Set read-only attribute in commondata
  • Fix access restrictions and use proper data directory in check.php script
  • Fix logo file in Utils/FrontPage
  • Properly sanitize language variable in setup.php script
  • Fix get_access method to respect temporary user_id changes
  • Fix icon in RecordBrowser for different template
  • Extend session_id length
  • Allow filtering of custom status in task applet
  • Fix commondata edit form - do not allow to override values
  • Remove unused code that caused performance issues in CRM/Filters
  • Do not validate form in RB during soft submit
  • Fix Related Notes company addon
  • Fix module_manager to generate proper list of module requirements
  • Fix some issues in reset pass script
  • Fix TCPDF top margin when logo is set but it's hidden
  • Update translations

EPESI version 1.5.4 released - 2013-10-14

This is a minor update with:

  • bug fixes in RecordBrowser and Attachments
  • change admin view for currencies
  • do not report E_DEPRECATED errors - PHP 5.5.x deprecates some features used by Smarty templating engine
  • RoundCube 0.9.4
  • EPESI - RoundCube archiving fixes
  • RoundCube imap cache fixes
  • fix RecordBrowser's field edit error when param is empty
  • use reply-to header as default when sending emails from EPESI
  • fix time issues in mobile view -
  • improve CSV export

EPESI version 1.5.3 released - 2013-07-09

This is a minor update with:

  • fix calendar month view in certain timezone configuration -
  • fix adding new record - rare issue
  • add patch to create one of the ban variables - sometimes after installation admin could get error "undefined variable"
  • fix template html for launchpad
  • fix deprecated hook name in RoundCube EPESI plugin
  • fix leightbox js issues
  • fix searching for a lot of records
  • sort meetings in activities tab
  • fix issues with field names in record's history
  • add filtering for currency field
  • RBO - add set_style method for field definition, add get_access method to recordset
  • fix add note from table view and record view -
  • updated translations

EPESI version 1.5.2 released - 2013-05-13

This is a minor update with:

  • Full version of CKEditor included

Fixed bugs:

  • commondata field created by user was causing error during search - Forum thread
  • tooltips in calendar events were broken - Polish forum thread
  • print browse mode of company or contact field didn't indicate record type.

Icon of company or contact field has been changed to text indicator ([Company] / [Contact]) in some places. It's related to third bug listed above.

EPESI version 1.5.1 released - 2013-05-08

This is a minor update with:

  • A new version of CKEditor
  • Fixed bug in Utils/Attachments - user was unable to edit note using Firefox.

Now notes edit box is always on top of the notes.

  • Updated translations

EPESI version 1.5.0 released - 2013-04-23

This is a major update including new version of Roundcube e-mail client, CKEditor, jquery and many improvements and bugfixes.

The most important changes divided into categories:


  • new RoundCube email client
  • new CKEditor version - modern look & feel
  • click2fill appearance and help improvements
  • multiple attachments per note
  • shoutbox improvements - click to address person, changed user labels, tab+enter to send
  • company or contact suggestbox - show icon based on type, always display several records from both recordsets
  • watchdog - subscribe to categories (by default only for managers)
  • sort mails archived in EPESI by thread


  • User ban system improvements and restore controls in administrator panel
  • add option to disable EPESI store to faster module administration launch
  • changed install process - allow translating from first screen
  • allow run /admin tools before Base installation
  • add option to set security in smtp server settings
  • improved RecordBrowser fields administration
  • changed HomePage mechanism - allow to set default home page for specific group of users
  • link from Administrator panel to /admin tools
  • add EPESI shell in /admin tools - disabled by default
  • add patch utility in /admin tools


  • RecordBrowser - allow disable "jump to record"
  • RecordBrowser - add autonumbering field type
  • new types for RBO - company, contact, employee, company or contact, email, time, phone
  • allow to translate strings from smarty templates


  • RoundCube 0.8.2 with several EPESI integration fixes
  • CKEditor 4.0.2
  • optimize startup time
  • allow to translate /admin tools
  • interactive help system
  • fixed automulti suggestboxes to display all selected fields
  • attachments bug fixes
  • display errors by default (config.php)
  • RecordBrowser - fix permission check issues
  • fix search engine for contacts and companies
  • partial rewrite to jQuery (we are going to remove Prototype)
  • several PostgreSQL fixes (thanks to forum user - pedro42)
  • fixed EpesiStore on PHP 5.2.6 (
  • add option to store session in files instead of database
  • appearance bug fixes
  • translations improved - more string have been marked to translate
  • clean up some parts of code

IMPORTANT NOTES PHP 5.2.0 is not supported due to bug in json_decode function. (PHP >= 5.2.1 and PHP < 5.2.0 works)

EPESI versions 1.4.x

EPESI version 1.4.2 released - 2012-12-05

This is a minor update dealing with a few bugs in both CRM and framework. All changes are listed below. Please remember to backup your data before updating and check for new versions of your modules in EPESI Store! Changelog:

  • Contacts - resolved an issue that could prevent Administrators from creating contacts
  • User Management - user admin level shown when browsing users
  • RecordBrowser - fixed print/export in administrator panel
  • RecordBrowser - resolved a minor issue in mobile interface

EPESI version 1.4.1 released - 2012-11-14

This version is considered a minor update - it contains mostly various fixes and small improvements to version 1.4.0. Still, it is highly recommended that you update your installation of EPESI to this version.


  • ESS client module: JavaScript issue fixed
  • RB Permissions: permissions for export/print feature now work correctly
  • Record Browser: an option that allows disabling of pagination added
  • Contacts: failsafe added
  • Watchdog: unnecessary option for applet removed
  • TCPDF: config issue fixed
  • Record Browser: field edit issue fixed
  • CSV Export: currencies now are correctly exported
  • Regional Settings: encoding for Windows and format detection fixed
  • Translations: a few labels added
  • Object wrapper for RB: record performance improved
  • Common cache disabled by default
  • Compatibility with selected PHP versions improved
  • Dashboard: horizontal scrollbar problem resolved
  • EPESI Store: re-download of modules enabled
  • RecordBrowser: recent entry code optimized

EPESI version 1.4 released - 2012-10-31

This is a major upgrade with many new features.


1. Google Docs integration

  • files attached to record can be now opened, edited and saved back to the system using Google Docs
  • online multiuser collaboration on files possible
  • support for .doc and .csv files

2. New translate system

  • context translations abandoned - a phrase has now only one translation, no matter how many times and where it is used
  • some phrases that should be translated now correctly tagged for translating
  • some phrases that shouldn't be translated excluded from translating
  • overall quality of labels improved
  • central dictionary created
  • script added that gathers all strings, splits them by module and uses dictionary to create translations
  • new feature added allowing to send contributions to the central server directly from any installation
  • the way strings are marked for translation in the code revised

3. User management and permissions improvements

  • user creation without Contacts installed now works properly
  • several minor improvements for User Management added
  • UI improvements in Login Audit
  • Dashboard is now properly disabled for users that do not have required clearance
  • editing records without permission to some fields fixed
  • minor bug fixes in permissions-related methods
  • non admin users don't have access to EPESI Store settings from user settings panel

4. Multi company setup

  • there is no longer a separate Main Company for the whole system
  • employee privilege is set based on Access field in Contacts
  • Employees fields in various record sets now base their selection range on user's main company

5. Compatibility with various server and client software improved

  • compatibility of patches and lang with PHP versions below 5.2 improved
  • EPESI now installs and starts up in PHP 5.4 with strict errors enabled
  • compatibility issues with Postgre SQL databases resolved for e-mail client, EPESI Store and Record Browser
  • display issue for select/input fields in Firefox 9 fixed
  • automulti bug in Internet Explorer 9 fixed
  • minor display bugs in Chrome fixed
  • iPhone detection by Javascript added
  • automulti now works properly on iPad

6. Record Browser improvements

  • invalid 'param' attribute error fixed
  • search by calculated field bug fixed
  • option to sort by id added
  • update of calculated fields fixed
  • explicit sort by id as second parameter allowed
  • sorting by Favorites improved
  • browsing parameters are now always stored in session
  • a check for submited form values is now always properly executed
  • field parameters are properly updated when edited using admin panel
  • info about QF errors is displayed on tabs
  • a user setting added that controls at how many records auto-select is used instead of select
  • QF/display callback editor fixed
  • label creation query optimized
  • table name is now used when caption not present in RB Admin
  • linked label creation fixed
  • suggestions box for automulti fields fixed
  • print permissions added
  • print button repositioned
  • minor print issues resolved
  • an issue with updating records fixed
  • checkbox field fixed
  • a bug in new record creation fixed

7. E-mail handling and Roundcube integration fixes and improvements

  • an e-mail archived in EPESI now have "reply", "reply all" and "forward" options
  • deleting an e-mail link to a record now results in that e-mail deletion from archive only if it is the last link pointing to that e-mail
  • display of associated records under archived e-mail improved
  • EPESI user field in e-mail accounts is now hidden for non-admin users
  • an option to send record's file attachments by e-mail added
  • option added to disable EPESI archive directiories
  • MIME types suppport in Roundcube improved
  • e-mail server configuration test added
  • protocol and port detection fixed

8. Minor graphical improvements

  • styles in StatusBar fixed
  • new record leightbox style in RB fixed
  • icons added to packages
  • style of multiple tab in tabbed browser improved
  • a bug in filters leightbox style fixed
  • info icon added in activity reports
  • minor improvements in top bar styling
  • info icon for meetings in Activities fixed
  • style of messenger alerts improved
  • BaseBox html template fixed
  • Shoutbox full screen view repaired
  • reports template fix
  • minor style improvements in Record Browser
  • display images displayed directly in checkbox, with alternate text if image is not available
  • attachment history layout improved

9. Minor features and improvements added

  • overlay added that prevents clicking buttons during loading
  • PDF files are now opened in new tab
  • registration form modified
  • autocomplete disabled in grid edit view
  • the "to" portion of the left-side time label in calendar removed
  • admin panel is now divided into sections
  • document source view added to ckeditor
  • server compatibility check script added
  • automulti no longer searches for contacts by company
  • some UI convenience features added
  • choosing RTL or LTR language display option added to setup
  • available modules are now refreshed after download in advanced view
  • several failsaves were added for various modules in order to improve stability

10. Minor bug fixes

  • recurring events now are displayed properly
  • errors in patches are now always handled and reported to user
  • Paste Company Info option in Contacts improved
  • Orders form in EPESI Store displays modules correctly
  • minor fixes for RTL support
  • printing customers' company name fixed in Agenda
  • month view bug fixes in Calendar
  • new event for Watchdog is now always created when new note is added
  • sorting bug for UTF-8 characters fixed in Common Data
  • several installation and first run bugs fixed
  • records per page selection fixed in Generic Browser
  • several Epesi Store problems related to needed modules array fixed
  • dot numeric separator in regional settings fixed
  • and others

11. Changes in platform and libraries

  • calendar rewritten, now uses jQuery
  • Roundcube source moved to another folder, because of issues with apache mod rewrite
  • Attachments addon created automatically via Utils/Attachments should now add Watchdog category automatically
  • phpgacl removed, replaced with custom solution
  • TCPDF updated to 5.9
  • object wrapper for Record Browser added
  • create_html_form function added
  • default order by in RB show_data now accepts Fav and Edited on
  • get_access arguments in RB cleaned
  • support for boolean values in update_record added
  • support for icons by url added to ActionBar
  • support for target attribute in Menu fixed
  • Autoloader is enabled for classes in modules directory

12. Documentation etc.

  • installation instructions moved to docs directory
  • installation instructions in Polish added
  • permissions help files added
  • ContactUs - changed to Forum
  • links to EPESI website updated
  • added link to registration in EPESI Store

EPESI version 1.3.0 - 2012-04-02

Changes and new features:

  • EPESI Store added - you can now purchase additional modules for your EPESI installation
  • Improved styles and interface
  • RTL support
  • Fixes for password recovery mechanism
  • RecordBrowser - advanced permissions editor
  • Notes - filter and search added
  • Simple maintenance tools added
  • Multiple minor bug fixes


EpesiBIM versions 1.x

epesiBIM version 1.2.2 released - 2011-12-08

The latest version of free and open source CRM application was released. This release includes security and bug fixes, new features and improved compatibility with browsers including ipads.


  • notes - inline attachements, expand/collapse improved
  • watchdog - e-mail notifications (to be enabled in user settings)
  • improved archived e-mails layout
  • Record Browser - edit history improvements
  • fixed subscription notifications for deleted records
  • improved tables layout for different screen resolutions
  • improved compatibility with browsers including ipads
  • minor vulnerability fixed - /admin maintenance panel removed
  • multiple little graphical improvements
  • handful of icons added
  • multiple minor bugfixes

epesiBIM version 1.2.0 released - 2011-08-01


  • brand new look
  • new Admin panel access controls
  • major bug fixes for Postgre 9.0
  • Spanish translation added
  • Polish translation updated
  • multiple minor bug fixes

epesiBIM version 1.1.4 released - 2011-01-04


  • IE8 support
  • ipad support
  • calendar fixes
  • parent company in crm company recordset
  • related companies in crm contact recordset
  • ro language updated
  • mailto protocol support in epesi with integrated roundcube mail client
  • many other fixes

epesiBIM version 1.1.3 released - 2010-10-13


  • fixed UTF-8 substr usage in browse of records
  • CRM works properly without Meeting module installed
  • tickets update from 1.1.1 to 1.1.2 fixed
  • QuickForm updated to 3.2.11
  • RoundCube mail field in account setup
  • check SSL availability in Roundcube account setup
  • mobile - minor fixes
  • notes aggregator view
  • other fixes...

Now available in 7 languages: English (en), Polish (pl), German (de), Swedish (sv), Dutch (nl), Lithuanian (lt) and Romanian (ro - partial).

epesibim version 1.1.0 released - 2010-06-30


  • Roundcube mail client addressbook fully integrated with epesi
  • new Lithuaninan translation
  • support for multiple processing callbacks
  • bug fixes

epesiBIM version 1.0.9 released - 2010-05-26


  • RoundCube mail client as default one
  • new calendar engine
  • contact photo
  • Romanian translation
  • added zones for Romania, Austria...
  • new projects ticketing engine
  • many bug fixes and enhancements

epesiBIM version 1.0.8 released - 2010-02-20


  • bugfix to activities tab
  • major rewrite of a "combo automultiselect" - you can now assign records to Contacts, Companies or both.
  • export - phonecalls and tasks - bug fix
  • companies - automulti and autoselect applied if too many records in select
  • autoselect - Minor bug fix
  • appointments - minor bug fix
  • RecordBrowser - minor bug fix
  • note copy bug fix
  • CRM Filters - autoselect instead of automulti

epesiBIM version 1.0.6 released - 2010-01-07


  • session blocking - in mysql with mutexes, in postgresql with two database connections
  • activities sorting fix
  • demo/trial mode
  • Variables bug fix - thx lirit
  • mobile RB edition - first release, probably buggy :)

epesiBIM version 1.0.5 released - 2009-12-10


  • lithuanian language
  • Record Browser rewritten to support grid editing
  • support for very large data sets
  • our unique Click2Fill form filling
  • minor bugfixes

epesiBIM version 1.0.0 released - 2009-07-23

After 3 years of writing this web based CRM we are finally releasing the final version 1.0.0. This new version includes many speed improvements, bug fixes and integrated mail client with support for POP3/IMAP protocols. Over 200,000 lines of code, $2.8 M - yours free to enjoy!